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Pad Kra Pow at Bamboo

Pad Kra Pow at Bamboo

Good morning, EatGR.

It is Black Friday, which means that I am presently hiding in my house until the carnage is over, or until I run out of Thanksgiving leftovers…. Whichever comes first. The big news is that we have a meet up in only for short days BAMBOO. WE have 53 people signed up for this chance to visit one of the most underrated restaurants in town.

Do you have the Food Circles App yet?

Do you have the Food Circles App yet?

Roughly one week later we will be doing a rare Wednesday meet up to raise money for the “Raise Your Forks” campaign with Feeding America West Michigan and Food Circles at TACOS EL CUÑADO in the downtown market.

For this meet up, you will need to have your smart phone with you and the FOOD CIRCLES app ready to go on your smart phone or other mobile device.

We have another FOODNAMI on the Horizon (sometime after the food circles “Raise Your Forks” meet up), details on that 24 hours prior to the event. We are also putting together a “Christmas basket” giveaway for one lucky winner this holiday season.

There are lots of food events over the next 30 days, and we are hoping that you might be able to partake in one of them.


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