Afternoon update 8/27/15

OK, A quick update. I promised that I would announce the Polish Festival this weekend at Rosa Parks Circle.  As you can see, I have posted their itinerary.

Since I am taking the moment to make an official blog post, Here are a couple of other things “foodwise” that are going on in the area

We have several restaurants that will be opening in September.  I know that I will certainly be forgetting some, but here is what I can remember:

The Grilling Company

The Grilling Company

Luna, The Grilling Company, Main Street Barbecue, Cedar Springs Brewery and the new Ramen Restaurant.  I know that there are at least 4 other restaurants opening up, feel free to comment if you are aware of who they are.

Also, and this is a little out of our territory….sort of, but Slow food west Michigan is holding a pot luck mixer on September 12.  I do like to support the slow food movement as it pertains to restaurants.  This is a little different, but might be a good introduction into the slow food movement.  Link provided.



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  1. Diane George, August 27, 2015 5:05 pm - Afternoon update 8/27/15

    Main Street BBQ – September 10th!!!

    Main Street BBQ
    210 E Main
    Lowell, Michigan
    (616) 366-3511

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