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With the size EatGR increasing, I feel that it is important to help people find answers by streamlining some requests. Frequently I see a question that could be easily answered by the website, but drags on for hours clogging the Facebook feed. This is just a short tutorial to show how to maximize the use of the website. Results tend to be better on desktop computers and tablets, and can vary on phones.


Smart phone menu

Smart phone menu

The first thing that many of you will need to know if you are using a smart phone, is that you may have to click the menu drop down to access many of the website options. (The red button above that says “menu”)   Only then will you see the secondary menu to choose from.

Next, the map itself: at present, our intent is to have only “local local” restaurants. So we likely will not include “regional local”….so no Chop House, Slows BBQ, Red Olive, or Leo’s Coney Island will be here. If they want to advertise on the Webpage, we will consider that. Still no national chains.

voucher find

(Vouchers = Coupons)

Several local restaurants have helped financially support EatGR in the way of advertising and contributing to the upgrading of the website. You will see those as featured restaurants on the website. Those who have financially helped us and continue to do so are given the opportunity to run “coupons, check in bonuses, and giveaways” on the website.

Best of the Best tab

Best of the Best tab

People seem obsessed with knowing where the best sushi, hamburger, or pizza in town is. For that reason, we have created a pictorial best of the best. Now, you will have an opportunity to see actual pictures of the dishes in question as opposed to just hearing the 60 different suggestions from the people in the group….. Which seems kind of unhelpful without a photo.

Deals section

Deals section

We have just significantly expanded our deals tab.

Instead of only having businesses that haven’t least a 40% off deal, we have asked several of our restaurant partners to offer a free appetizer when people present  their EatGR virtual membership cards.   You can see that there are links to at least a dozen participating restaurants. Those links will lead you to an explanation of the discount that you will receive when showing your Virtual  EatGR membership card.

Are you having a hard time deciding where you want to eat, or you just want to experience something new. In the upper right-hand corner of the toolbar is the “roulette button”. Click on that and let EatGR decide where you’re going to eat.

Photo Albums

Photo Albums

On the bottom of the website is a direct link to the EatGR Flickr account. This is an incredible alphabetized resource that shows you the photos of food from hundreds of restaurants all in an organized and easy to follow fashion.

Also at the bottom, for anybody who cares, are the FAQs and rules for the Facebook group.

OK, We are trying to keep it short and sweet today, but hopefully some of this info will better help you take advantage of the awesome website that we have built.



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