Help EatGR be aware of questions/clarifications that would help you as a group member.

Let’s face it, at EatGR we don’t know everything. We aren’t even close. One of the things that we don’t know,  is what you know!

We tell everybody to read the group rules/FAQ when you join the group, but the fact of the matter is we suspect that most people do not do that. Most people get the ebb and flow of the group by watching what is going on, by participating, and sometimes learning through trial and error when a comment gets moderated.  We do our best to maintain a well structured, well moderated, friendly group environment for people to explore food discovery, but sometimes feelings get hurt.   Unfortunately, when we look back at the complaint/concern in question, it almost always boils down to a lack of understanding about the group rules which are discussed frequently and in a pinned post at the top of the Facebook group.

This weekend, the EatGR group moderators will be getting together and having a meeting about all things EatGR.  We are hoping to address things like posting rules, dealing with problem content, and the direction of the group in general.  If you have any questions about group rules, norms, or other issues, this is the point that I would want to know something about that.   Although we do have an agenda in place this weekend, we can always make space for things that are important that we have overlooked.

The fact of the matter is that we will not be changing any group rules, but by giving us an understanding of what you do not understand about them will help us to better make decisions and perhaps inform the masses better .

Please post anything  that you need clarification about in the comments section at the end of this blog post on the webpage so that we can keep everything in one spot .



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