Have You Been…..(Noble Restaurant edition)

It is a difficult thing to run a successful restaurant for 11 years, and then make a substantial change in food direction,  but that is exactly what Andrew Lamppa did when he abandoned his old 44th St. Diner moniker for the new Noble Restaurant (1851 44th St. Wyoming, MI 49519).

Salmon eggs Benedict at Noble Restaurant.

Salmon eggs Benedict at Noble Restaurant.

Most restaurants use some amount of canned or prepackaged food products to run their restaurants, but the good news for consumers is that the trend has been for a lot of mom and pop places to start making more of their food from scratch when possible.   Noble restaurant has taken this to the extreme and has made the switch to nearly everything being made from scratch.

In addition to this, they have added organic, gluten free, nut free, and dairy free items to the menu as well.  They have also upgraded to Brix pure cane soda which is becoming popular at places like The Old Goat and Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop.  Their “about section” on Facebook pretty much sums it all up:   We eliminate the junk (artificial colors/flavors, HFCS, MSG, Nitrates…), buy high quality ingredients, and make almost everything from scratch.

Summer barbecue burger with house made slaw

Summer barbecue burger with house made slaw

These changes have caught some of their regulars off guard.  The clientele at Noble Restaurant in the past has been a more mature crowd that is typically interested in “value oriented” eats, whereas Noble Restaurant is more interested in making healthy, great tasting food at a reasonable price.

I have personally eaten there both before and after the improvements, and find that the pricing and quality of their food to be very competitive with other places doing the same type of scratch cooking.

Gluten free carrot cake

Gluten free carrot cake

All in all, these are fantastic menu upgrades that will only raise the bar for food quality at local restaurants.

If these are the kinds of changes that you are looking for in our restaurant community, I urge you to get out there and support Noble Restaurant.








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