Have You Been…..(The Grilling Company edition)

For just about ever, The Grilling Company (6231 West River Dr. Grand Rapids, MI)  has been a mobile caterer offering barbecue to the Grand Rapids area.

In an age where there was virtually only one local barbecue restaurant in town, the mobile vendors were one of the only ways to access good barbecue in town…..and then it happened.  Over a period, of 12 months, the Grand Rapids market had become inundated with mostly local, and a couple of out of area barbecue places.  Grand Rapids wanted its BBQ, and the barbecue revolution had begun.

Brisket from the Grilling Company

Brisket from the Grilling Company

Keith Hall, owner of The Grilling Company, had already been preparing to operate a brick and mortar establishment when the barbecue crush came.  His timing was perfect.  He had an established product with a solid history in the area, and demand for his product was strong.  Better yet, he was opening up in the Belmont area.  This area is a virtual dead zone for restaurants of any kind.

Burnt ends from The Grilling Company.

Burnt ends from The Grilling Company.

As if the stars had not already seemed to align, Hall is planning on having food trucks present in his parking lot for several events during the summer.  When I asked him if he was concerned about competition from the food trucks negatively impacting his business he said “absolutely not”.  It is his view that people are excited about good food, and that having other food vendors in his proximity will only cause all boats to rise.

Quinoa from the Grilling Company

Quinoa from the Grilling Company

With a solid product, high demand, and a location that seems perfect, The Grilling Company seems well positioned for success in the growing Grand Rapids BBQ scene.





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