The Pizza Chronicles “Greater Grand Rapids Style”


I get accused of going to the same pizza place all the time. “All you ever do is go to Daniele’s pizza, why don’t you go other places?” I always think that question is a little strange. First of all, I do go other places, but that isn’t why the question is strange.

It is entirely predictable that people eat at the same pizza place repeatedly because they usually only go to one of two places, their favorite place or their “go to” place. If you are lucky, that place happens to be the same establishment. People tend to go to the same 2-3 pizza joints based on proximity to their home. After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is drive across town for a pizza, and even if you do, the pizza will be cold when you get home. On a special occasion, you will drive further to get your favorite pizza.

At any rate, I took that statement as a challenge, and decided to try pizza from every locally owned place in the area. It turns out that we have approximately 110-130 brands of local pizza. There are operations as small as a couple of people, like a Daniele’s, or huge like Monelli’s which probably employees over 100 people. I ended up trying over 108 pizza places.

Although is it true that most people like pizza, they all like it for many different reasons: thick crust vs. thin crust, savory sauce vs. sweet, one cheese vs. a blend, fresh mushrooms vs. canned, conveyor cooked vs. the old school Vulcan ovens…it all matters and it all impacts the final product.

I could talk all day about the differences in pizzas and establishments, but I would rather just “show you the pizza” 😉


Grand Rapids Pizza Grid #1

Grand Rapids Pizza Grid #1

Grand Rapids Pizza Grid #2

Grand Rapids Pizza Grid #2

Grand Rapids Pizza Grid #2

Grand Rapids Pizza Grid #2




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  1. Susan Erhardt, February 14, 2016 3:13 pm - The Pizza Chronicles “Greater Grand Rapids Style”

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

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