Have You Been…..Curry Nights Edition

Until recently, South Indian food has been relatively unheard of in Grand Rapids.  About 4 months ago, Curry Nights (526 Stocking Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI) opened up and has been trying to change that.

Located in what used to be Royal Cuisine of India on Stocking St. , The owners of the very popular Curry Kitchen on Fulton took over that restaurant to create their new venture into South Indian food.   In the process of taking over that restaurant location, Curry Nights (The new place) has not yet been able to switch the sign over to reflect the name of the new restaurant…so, the sign still says Royal Cuisine of India.  It all sounds like a little bit of a soap opera, right?  It is, but try to mentally work past that.

Mysore masala dosa

Mysore masala dosa

It is because of this subtle confusion that several people do not even realize that there is a new restaurant with different owners, different food, and a different attitude.  Curry Nights is quietly going unnoticed on the Westside of Grand Rapids, so this is their coming out party.

Some of the South Indian cuisine featured at Curry Nights include the very popular Dosas (at least 3 or 4 different kinds), the Chutneys that go with them.  Puri, vada, idly, lassi, and uthappam are all on the menu as well.

Medu vada and idly

Medu vada and idly

For the most part, the South Indian food needs to be ordered a la carte because Curry Nights still features mostly North Indian cuisine on their weekly lunch buffet.  If the jump to a new cuisine is too much of a stretch,  they still have all of the popular North Indian dishes like butter chicken, paneer and vindaloo.  They  have you covered, whatever your Indian bliss.  By the way, they do serve alcohol, so they have that base covered as well.

So, if you are looking for that exotic hole in the wall the is hiding below everybody’s radar, venture out to the westside and check out Curry Kitchen…..just know that their sign still reads differently. 😉



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