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The “D” Burger

So, on the surface, this question might seem a little ridiculous, but people are having a hard time finding the new Daniele’s Pizza Location.


Most of you are familiar with his OLD location on 52nd and Eastern. That location was small, lacked parking, and actually didn’t have a functioning HVAC system (if you can believe that). None of this is terribly ideal to run a business, so he moved to his new location at 1429 60th st SE, Grand Rapids, MI  on 60th and Kalamazoo near Cabaña Tres Amigos.

Arancini with sweet heat

Arancini with sweet heat

The downside of moving is that sometimes people don’t realize that you moved and you lose their business. This, combined with his previous landlord’s unwillingness to let Daniele put a note on the door of the now vacant building to let people know about the new location has made for a tough transition.

Daniele has always been one of EatGR’s most active supporters. He lets us hold events at his place, has offered discounts to group members and even provided food prizes for our many contests. He is a rock solid supporter of what we do, and we are a rock solid supporter of his.

18 inch pizza

18 inch pizza

In this vein, Daniele will be offering FREE TWIST STICKS to EatGR members who have orders of $15 or more during the remainder of 2016. (Just show him the EatGR virtual membership card). This is his way of thanking EatGR memores for their great support over the last couple years, and our way to give members a reason to find his new location. If you like what he does, get down to his new location and check him out. His now close proximity to M6 makes it easier than ever for you to access his place if you live a little further away.

Twist Sticks

Twist Sticks

Hopefully you have a chance to take advantage of this deal before the beginning of the new year.






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