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Brazilian Steakhouse/Korean BBQ a year later.

By at April 1, 2016 | 12:08 am | 0 Comment

After a failed attempt to open last spring, Carl Jansen is going to make a second run at opening Fogo de Kimchi, a Brazilian Steakhouse/Korean BBQ buffet in downtown Grand Rapids. "I had high hopes for opening my restaurant last year," said Jansen, but it turns out that Luna had mistakenly rented the building that he had planned to open up in. Jansen is planning to

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The Pizza Chronicles “Greater Grand Rapids Style”

By at February 14, 2016 | 8:27 am | 1 Comments

DELUXE PIZZA at VITALE'S OF ADA I get accused of going to the same pizza place all the time. "All you ever do is go to Daniele's pizza, why don't you go other places?" I always think that question is a little strange. First of all, I do go other places, but that isn't why the question is strange. It is entirely predictable that people eat at the same pizza place

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Brazilian Steakhouse opens today in old Ritz Coney Location. (April 1, 2015) April Fools

By at August 26, 2015 | 4:05 pm | 0 Comment

For months, Foodies in Grand Rapids have complained that what Grand Rapids really needs is a Brazilian steakhouse or authentic Korean Restaurant. Local restaurateur Carl Jansen has decided to bridge that gap by opening FOGO DE KIMCHI, an all-you-can-eat Brazilian Steahouse/Korean BBQ fusion restaurant in the old Ritz Coney building down on Ionia street. Now Grand

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The EatGR Virtual Membership Card Tutorial

By at August 22, 2015 | 7:46 am | 0 Comment

There seems to be all sorts of confusion about the EatGR Virtual Membership Card, and hopefully this is your simple explanation. The EatGR Virtual Membership Card has been at the top of the Facebook Group since roughly Mid 2014.  Unfortunately, 75% of our people are mobile users, and this appears differently on your screen.  Most mobile devices have a

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Photos of several common EatGR Requests

By at July 28, 2015 | 12:50 am | 1 Comments

Every EatGR1 photo in alphabetized Albums:   Best of BBQ: Best of Breakfast: Best of Brewery Food: Best of Burgers: Best of Charcuterie/Cheese boards: Best of Dessert: Best of Hot Dogs: Best of Mac and Cheese: Best of Pizza: Best of Poutine: Best of Steak: Best of

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EatGR Pizza Guide

By at June 17, 2015 | 9:55 am | 3 Comments

Here you go, your chance to vote for your favorite pizza! Comments and thumbs up are welcome! EatGR Pizza Guide View more lists from Wendy Leep

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EatGR’s Best Brunch Picks

By at May 15, 2015 | 10:01 am | 0 Comment

Vote on or add your favorite below! EatGR Best Brunch Picks View more lists from Wendy Leep

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EatGR’s Mother’s Day Guide

By at April 23, 2015 | 5:45 pm | 0 Comment

Note: Know of a special menu or buffet not listed here? Use the "add to list" button below! EatGR's Mother's Day Guide 2015 View more lists from Wendy Leep

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