FAQ & Facebook Rules

A few simple ground rules follow. Above all, BE NICE!

What is the purpose of EatGR?

The goal of the EatGR Facebook Group is to discover/celebrate restaurants in Greater Grand Rapids so that people are aware of local restaurant options as opposed to national chains. We want people to show us the local food and restaurants they like  by posting photos of food they enjoyed from the restaurants in question. (If you didn’t like your food or experience, DON’T POST ABOUT IT).  Posts from local restaurant chains are typically allowed and regional restaurant chains “may” be allowed at the administrators discretion. Posts from/about national restaurant chains are highly discouraged and are deleted.

WHAT IS A LOCAL RESTAURANT?  Restaurants born/headquartered in our coverage area

What is the coverage area of EatGR?

Posts must be food related from restaurants within a 60 minute radius of Grand Rapids.

Can I post complaints in the group?

NO.  That is not part of the group’s mission.  EatGR is a food discovery group, NOT a negative commentary group (and since true reviews are positive and negative, we are NOT a review group by default).  Asking for restaurant reviews is also not permitted because you are essentially asking for positives and negatives (which we don’t allow)  You are, however, allowed to ask for food recommendations from a restaurant.(ie. I am going to Amore tonight, what are the can’t miss menu items.)

EatGR does encourage people with complaints/concerns to take them to the place that they will be best addressed:  To the owner or manager of the restaurant in question or the local health department.

We are a “sunshine and rainbows” group, and our group rules reflect this. 🙂

Promotional posts from restaurants, about food businesses/events, about charitable events, fund raisers, and requests for public support.

EatGR does not allow owners, employees, investors or their family members to originate posts from a restaurant that they have a vested interest in.

EatGR offers advertising opportunities via the EatGR Facebook group, the EatGR Facebook page, the EatGR1 Instagram, and our EatGR.com webpage.  If you are looking to take advantage of this opportunity, you can reach Chris at the following  email: chris@eatgr.com or consult our ad rates on our website www.Eatgr.com.  Permissible promotions typically include restaurants/caterers promoting their food, food festivals, beer dinners, etc.  If in doubt, Email me.

Any advertising efforts posted by group members in the EatGR facebook group (either intentional or by proxy) will be removed.  Persistent violators of this rule may be removed from the group.

The exception: Businesses can respond to posts that are germane to their business (ie Who has the best Eggs Benedict… “we do!”).  This is not advertising, but rather a response to a group member’s question.   If in doubt, ask a moderator.


Can I post links to my blog or outside websites?

The short answer is “no.”  Link baiting is not allowed. Exceptions are typically a link to a recommended restaurant, or potentially a description/photo of a menu item you are looking for.

Comment Deletions/Review Requests

We delete all comments that we perceive as negative in nature, including most profanity.  Posts from/about national restaurant chains are usually deleted.  Requests for reviews (ie: “How was the food” or “Was the food good”), and comparison requests are deleted.  Speculative posts about new restaurants or discussion about restaurants that don’t exist are also deleted.

Additionally:  “In a group consisting of thousands of members, it is sometimes necessary to delete posts. Posts will be deleted for numerous reasons. Sometimes it is necessary to delete a post that has outlived it’s usefulness and has just become repetitive, argumentative or inflammatory. Posts asking why something has been deleted will also be deleted. If people become publicly argumentative/disparaging towards admins, this is grounds for removal from the group.  Blocking an administrator is also grounds for deletion.

Universal Catch-All

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE ADMINISTRATORS OF EatGR TO ANTICIPATE EVERY POSSIBLE POSTING SITUATION. For this reason, exceptions to ANY of these guidelines may be made at the discretion of the group moderators if they deem the post to be a benefit to the group as a whole. We will do our best to be fair, but we are human and imperfect so please be patient with us. 🙂

These rules are comprehensive and updated periodically.

Thank you,  Chris Freeman.  Creator and Administrator of EatGR