It has been a long standing tradition that when I (Chris) sell a home, that I take everybody in the family out to Taco Boy (YES, Taco Boy). Increasingly, EatGR has become my online family, so I am going to add a twist to my usual tradition.

After selling a home (The earthquake that triggers the event), it will be accompanied by a FOODNAMI. For our purposes, a FOODNAMI (A tidal wave of food) will be the equivalent of a FOOD FLASH MOB.

Essentially, I will pay for up to ten (10) people to enjoy a menu item that I have chosen from a local restaurant. (Basically taking my EatGR family out for a home sale celebration)

Here is the process:

  1. I will announce the Foodnami (From 2-8 hours in advance)
  2. You must comment on that same FOODNAMI thread “Feed me EatGR” (or something very close to that). “LIKES” WILL NOT BE COUNTED
  3. The first 10 people who respond appropriately to the announcement qualify for the food item.
  4. You must show up during the time frame provided to collect the food.
  6. I will be purchasing the announced menu item for you only, no substitutions.
  7.  You must be 18 years of age to participate.
  8. Rules subject to change if I determine that the need arises.

My goal in doing this is to get you to a place that might not be on your daily radar, or get you to try something new. It is not to feed your extended family, or provide you will a “Full Meal” experience.

It will, hopefully, be a fun eating opportunity that you don’t have to pay for.


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