Chris’ Morning Announcement 4/14/15

Good Morning EatGR, and congratulations to
Katie Krzykwa on winning the Noto’s 2015 Spring Charity Winefest giveaway.  Althoug these events are always well attended, Notos has a huge facility and there is always room for more.  This Spring’s event will benefit the American  Culinary Federation, The Franciscan Life Process Center,  The Pregnancy Crisis Center, and other charities.   Make sure to sign up in advance for this wine and food extravaganza if you plan on attending, as the event is only three days away.


For those of you who missed the memo, our new website is up and running. This means that we will have a period of beta testing to find all of the problems, glitches, and missing information that should be there but did not make the trip on the switchover.  We anticipate that this probably will take 4 to 6 weeks, which will lead to the launch of our droid app…..which means more beta testing for that.

For the next 4 Weeks, we will be conducting weekly giveaways from The Grist Mill, and Honey Creek Inn, keep your eyes open for that.

.In the next few months we will have a total of 3 Barbecue places opening up in the greater Grand Rapids area.  We will have the Horshoe smokehouse opening up on 333 Granville St., Slows BBQ Will be coming to the downtown market sometime in the summer, and there will be a third BBQ place opening in Lowell which is also expected to be in the early summer.   We will make you aware of the details as soon as we have them.

Coming in May will be the eagerly anticipated open of The Old Goat in Alger Heights.  There is a projected opening of mid May, but is still a little fluid.   The opening of the Old Goat will also come with a couple of  “surprises” that have not yet been announced to the public at large.  Stay tuned for those details as well.

Spring has sprung, the temperature is finally getting warm, and restaurants are opening up their patios.   Make sure to get out there and try something new.