What does that even mean, “This is not a review group?”

“This is not a review group” is shorthand for “we are a discovery group that focuses on positive restaurant experiences” and your comment somehow does not fit that narrative.

When you ask “did the food taste good?”, “did you like it?”, or “what did you think?”, you are potentially opening up a negative discussion if the OP answers “no” or “in the negative.”  We do not allow negative comments about restaurants or requests for members give a full fledged review that you might see in the New York Times.  For this reason, asking the OP to weigh in like this is not permitted.

Our group’s goal is to help people become aware of unfamiliar restaurants/food, not to judge the restaurant/food itself. Once you are made aware of it, you need to decide for yourself if you like it. We don’t share your taste buds or dining values and cannot determine whether or not you would like it. We just know that we enjoyed it enough to post about it.

We address this in the group rules by telling members to only post positive experiences that they have. If food was posted in our group, you might as well assume that the OP thought it was good…..because the rules demand it.

Some people will then ask: “But when people rave about food being good, isn’t that a review???”. No, we don’t think so.

The whole purpose of the group is for people to relate a positive dining moment to you. It is a one way conversation. People are simply reaffirming that experience as seen through their eyes. EatGR asked them to post about their positive experience, and they did so.  It is only reasonable to think that they might talk about this positive experience in glowing terms.

Frankly, this complaint is usually what we hear when somebody wants to fight with an admin because we didn’t allow their negative comments.

So, when we say that “this is not a review group”, we are trying to spare you this 300 word explanation. 🙂