Chris’ Morning announcements 5/21/15

Good morning, EatGR.

I have been so busy with the day job that I got behind on everything else, so let’s talk about a little of everything…..speaking of which:

We just had 2 FOODNAMIS!  Those happen when I sell a home, and then invite group members out to celebrate at a food venue that they may not be aware of.  I realize that a lot of my recent career success has come from food group referrals to my real estate business, and this is just one of the ways that I like to give back to our members.  Feel free to keep helping me provide FOODNAMIS!

Rockford Brewing Company
Rockford Brewing Company

Rockford brewing Company is doing a bottle release party this evening that will be catered by Honey Creek Inn.   This got me thinking because somebody had mentioned French food the other day and these dishes all have French names. At $10 a meal,  A pretty reasonable entertainment option this evening.  A cheap date night, maybe….and possibly French?

Old Goat, opening May 27
Old Goat, opening May 27

The Old Goat in Alger Heights is scheduled to open on May 27 and they have released their soft opening menu.   It looks to be very exciting and includes a lot of German influences.  Make sure to put them on your bucket list.


GET THE TRUCK OUT:  Our food truck rally at the downtown market in set to go on Saturday May 30 at the downtown market.  Let’s make sure that we get out there and support our local food trucks in the hopes that we can show the need to loosen food truck laws in the city of Grand Rapids.

The website:

As many of you have probably noticed, we have been beta testing our new website.  We are almost at the point of wrapping that up. We have been tagging all of the local restaurants to help people with their restaurant searches, and we have added other features to the restaurant search page as well including coupon options for restaurants, and an events page.  We have also moved several of our more popular blogposts over to the web page.

A basic version of the droid app should be available soon, and then we will have to beta-test that as well.

I am a little bit rusty from lack of practice in posting recent blog posts, but I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and hopefully providing some great new local food content for the masses.



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