Non Pizza Delivery in Greater Grand Rapids

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So, where do we get something delivered to us in town besides pizza?

This has become a very popular question on EatGR. Unlike many big cities that seem to have a plethora of delivery options, Grand Rapids little bit thin in that category. Certainly you can get pizza just about anywhere, but finding anything else is a crapshoot.

We have compiled a list of places who claim to offer delivery options. As a casual user of this information, you should absolutely call ahead and confirm that they do indeed deliver, and if so what the specific requirements are to qualify for delivery. You will note that the list does have some pizza places on it, but these pizza places also have a full menu of other items which are also deliverable. Feel free to comment at the bottom of this article if you know places that were not mentioned.


XO Asian Cuisine
New York Fried Chicken
Menna’s Joint
Palace of India

NW Grand Rapids

Fresh Coast Kitchen
Mr Gyro
Vitale’s Comstock Park

NE Grand Rapids:

Licari’s Sicilian Pizza Kitchen
La Huasteca (Mexican)
Fred’s (Italian)
Fuji Yama (Asian)
Flo’s in Belmont

SW Grand Rapids:
Tacos el cuñado on Grandville

SE Grand Rapids:

Rinaldi’s Pizza/Deli

JT’s Pizza

Village Inn Pizza


Sweetie Thai
Fresh Coast Kitchen
Skinny’s Deli
Fresh Coast Kitchen

Great Lakes Chinese



Sweetie Thai

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