Why food photographs are important, a humorous retort?

The mythic photo of the elusive “Caviar Dog”

I just ate at Cygnus 27 and it was amazing….but the food was so good that I forgot the photo.

In a group where photos are what drive the first sense of taste (sight), these words do little to excite the masses.  I might as well be reading a diary entry.  Words, words, words, and some blurb about eating food.  The next words that you might type will probably be about the jog you took afterwards to work off the calories.  Boooooring.

I want to see FOOD!  Sexy, colorful food that looks like it is going to be a taste explosion in my mouth.  If all you are going to do is tell me that you went somewhere without posting the photos, save the bandwidth until your next photo driven food post.
This is also true for partially eaten food, or as I like to think of them:  Half Eaten Nasties.


Half eaten nasties a map, and a mouthwatering dinner photo in the center.
Half eaten nasties a map, and a mouthwatering dinner photo in the center.

“I forgot to take a photo of my hot dog until the food was eaten”……but here is the plate of leftovers though.

Okay, so this post was made with the best of intentions but really it is about the most unappealing thing you can do to get me excited about going to a place.  Seeing the half eaten remains of what was once food, but that now looks like a car crash on a plate, does not inspire me to go try that food.  What you are taking photos of is the thing that your server is about to throw away.  It is your food trash.

Then there are the photos of the empty plate.  This is a just photo weirdness.

This plate that you are taking a photograph of might as well come out of the dishwasher, and maybe it did!  When I see a spotless plate  I don’t even know if  you ate anywhere…maybe you just pulled the plate out of your cupboard since you missed the shot at the restaurant and took a photo of it instead.

This brings me to my obvious conclusion:  Nice photos of uneaten food are the best thing to post if you actually ate out. Not only does it show that the food in question really exists, but that you might, in fact, like it enough to even talk about it and recommended to somebody.  You have also stimulated my first sense of eating.

Truffle potatoes from Judson's
Truffle potatoes from Judson’s

NEXT STOP: The restaurant that you just posted the beautiful photo of.  It was compelling!

If you forgot to take a photo, or remembered halfway through, just don’t post at all.  There is no shame in that, and the community is passively thanking your for not doing it.  Trust me on this.



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