EatGR, more than just a restaurant discovery group.

EatGR has a lot to offer group members and non-group members alike.

A lot of people only think of EatGR as a Facebook group of 20,000 people used to get ideas of where to discover new places or food items to eat. Although it is certainly that, it is a lot more.

1. We have a sister Facebook page (EatGR). We typically reserve this page for community food announcements and news about the group. We have 6800 people on this page.

2. We have an Instagram account (EatGR1) where I stage most of the photos that are added to EatGR. You can get food previews frequently days before they are posted on the main group. We have over 8000 photos and over 4600 people there. (We are trying to grow our Instagram following to 20,000, so spread the word)

3. We have a Twitter account (EatGR1) with nearly 1000 followers where we tweet out all of our Instagram posts.

4. If you just need strait up food porn, we have a Flickr account (EatGR1) we I have pictures organized by the restaurant.

5. EatGR Magazine in now available at better restaurants and taco stands…..and everywhere else that could find to put it.  There is also an online version at  (Link to EatGR Magazine)



6. We run monthly meet ups and other food events (Food Truck Rallies, Offalween, etc.)

7. When I sell a home (my day job), we do a FOODNAMI! Where I take several group members out and pay for them to try a new food item.

8. We do food giveaways.

9. We have a chosen charity (Feeding America West Michigan) who we partner with to help feed those in need.

10. We have a webpage (

On the webpage we have information about birthday deals, late night kitchens, non-pizza food delivery, and patios in the BLOG section of EatGR.

The webpage offers a ROULETTE option for those who cannot make up their mind about where to eat. Press the button, and off you go.

EatGR is a lot more than just a Facebook group with a lot of ancillary features and options that you might find useful beyond the day to day conversation.

Check out the many other things that we offer.


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