Brann’s restaurant week giveaway

Restaurant week starts in a little over 3 weeks for the restaurants, but it starts a little bit earlier for EatGR. Last year we did a series of restaurant week giveaways and this year we continue the tradition. We kick off start with a restaurant that has been serving the people of Grand Rapids area for the last 78 years.

Enter today for a chance to win a restaurant week meal at the Leonard Street Brann’s.

Good Luck and Happy Eating.

For the winner:  This giveaway is valid ONLY during restaurant (August 12th-23rd) week and ONLY for the specified items on the restaurant week menu.  This prize does not include tip, so remember to take care of your server.

Photo Credit: Tim Lyle

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  1. I haven eaten at Brann’s since I was a kid, and I would love to re-experience this restaurant. I have fond memories of steamy rolls with sweet butter and a candy crane machine (not sure if it’s there anymore) that I could play if I ate all my food. I always did.

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