Divani restaurant week giveaway

Recently changing their name from Bar Divani, Divani has gone relatively unnoticed in EatGR for the last 3 years.  They are the exception, not the rule.

Divani has been quietly sitting for years under the shadow of Hopcat and Gardellas.  Kind of like the little train that could, they have been plugging away making unique and eclectic dishes for years, but have not been on the radar of the food photo enthusiasts.  This summer will be their coming out party.

We know that they are putting out food worthy of the masses and we just need to get the word out about them.  They have moved right up to the top of the steak food chain in downtown Grand Rapids as they are the ONLY LOCAL OPTION in the downtown area that prepares a prime-cut steak.  They also have a huge indoor facility to host large events.

We will be talking a lot more about them in the coming weeks.  Today, they are the day 6th restaurant giving away a free meal for restaurant week on EatGR.


For the winner:  This giveaway is valid ONLY during restaurant (August 12th-23rd) week and ONLY for the specified items on the restaurant week menu.  This prize does not include tip, so remember to take care of your server.

Photo Credit: Tim Lyle

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  1. I went once when it was brand new–had some delicious seared tuna. We went a couple years ago and were turned off by the tablet menus (at least I think this was where we went). Good food, look forward to trying it again.

  2. I’ve never had a bad meal here. No that doesn’t sound right. I’ve never had a meal here that I didn’t tell someone else how good it was!

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