Judson’s Restaurant Week Giveaway

With the recent demise of Louis Benton, Judson’s stands alone as our only local steakhouse downtown.  If you like to soup up your steaks, Judson’s can make them with additions like  “Au poivre” or “Oscar” just to name a couple.  You love steak and your significant other doesn’t?  No Problem!  Judson’s has other meat offerings as well, including the recent addition of Pan Roasted Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast . Judson’s is part of the Gilmore Collection and resides in the B.O.B. and is a very popular pre and post event destination for people who are going to the VanAndel Arena.

If you are looking to give Judson’s a try, or just want to return on our dime, enter today to win a free 3 course restaurant week meal.

For the winner:  This giveaway is valid ONLY during restaurant (August 12th-23rd) week and ONLY for the specified items on the restaurant week menu.  This prize does not include tip, so remember to take care of your server.

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  1. As a tax-payer, and someone who regularly cleans up after the city park/pool attenders across the street (don’t even get me started on what happens in the fall), I feel that I should get a free meal from someone. Why shouldn’t that be Judson’s?

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