Licari’s Restaurant Week Giveaway

Stuffed Tomato at Licari's. Photo Credit: Katherine Thelen.
Stuffed Tomato at Licari’s.
Photo Credit: Katherine Thelen.

When you grow up with somebody, you get to the point where you frequently finish each other’s sentences.  Licari’s Sicialian Pizza opened the same week that EatGR started up.  We may not be able to finish each other’s sentences, but we can surely spot the signature curled pepperoni on their very popular pizzas.  More than just Pizza, Licari’s is also popular for their sandwiches, and their calamari is frequently cited as the best in town.

For the winner:  This giveaway is valid ONLY during restaurant (August 12th-23rd) week and ONLY for the specified items on the restaurant week menu.  This prize does not include tip, so remember to take care of your server.

Photo Credit:  Katherine Thelen.

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