Brazilian Steakhouse opens today in old Ritz Coney Location. (April 1, 2015) April Fools

For months, Foodies in Grand Rapids have complained that what Grand Rapids really needs is a Brazilian steakhouse or authentic Korean Restaurant. Local restaurateur Carl Jansen has decided to bridge that gap by opening FOGO DE KIMCHI, an all-you-can-eat Brazilian Steahouse/Korean BBQ fusion restaurant in the old Ritz Coney building down on Ionia street.


Now Grand Rapids has the best of both worlds. The unique eating experiences of Brazil and Korea that are typically only found in larger cities, with the frugal Midwest sensibilities of buffet style eating.

When asked if this was too much cultural diversity for our community to handle at one time, Jansen replied “$10 all you can eat Brazilian and Korean food in one place……Grand Rapidians get it”

Recent lottery winner and new Grand Rapids millionaire Tyler Slaughter has offered to buy the first 50 people at the restaurant a free meal, but we cannot independently confirm this claim.

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