EatGR member brainstorming meeting results

So, every now and then it is important to get input from group members and make sure that we have an understanding of how we will reach our goals of helping people Discover local restaurants. Yesterday,  we pulled together some group administrators and group members and sat down and discussed the following:

  1.  Group Membership: In our efforts to keep things local, when a person in question is admitted as a group member, they should live within the 60 minute radius that we cover for restaurant postings. Members who move from the area can stay in the group in good standing as long as they continue to adhere to group rules and do not “troll”.
  2. Restaurant employees and their family members are not allowed to post/promote from restaurants that they have direct participation in.   Restaurants who are looking to advertise themselves or events related to their place need to do so via the website or app only.
  3. Restaurant events like beer dinners, and fundraisers posted by the general populace are subject to deletion.  We are happy to help local restaurant engage with their clientele, but this really falls under free advertising.  This, again, is something that businesses can promote via our website.
  4. Memes that become distracting or do not add value to the conversation will be deleted.  Posts that contain profanity will be deleted and comments that have negative commentary sprinkled in with positive commentary are consider “negative” in nature and subject to removal.
  5. People who knowingly and actively post against rule guidelines risk removal from the group.
  6. Group rules are posted and clear.   Admins have NO OBLIGATION to warn a group member prior to comment deletion or engage members after comments have been deleted about said deletion.  Unfortunately, our empirical evidence on this topic is that people who are engaged privately more often than not become argumentative and abusive when engaged privately and that is above all of our pay grades.
  7. Update on website/application:  We fell well short of our fundraising goals for our technology upgrades, which leaves us in a situation that we are going to do the best that we can with the limited funds that we have remaining to accomplish our goals.  Fortunately, we did have enough funds to upgrade our website, as we had hoped.  We are also presently in the process of trying to make our blog the home page of our website and moving the map elsewhere to make the website navigation easier on mobile devices.  Due in part to our shortcomings in fundraising, our first programmer was not able to deliver us the app that we had hoped for.  Our efforts to move forward on this front had become stagnate, so EatGR reached out to The Geek Group to see if they might be able to assist us in putting  out a rudimentary application.  With the Geek Group in our corner, we are hoping to have something that we can beta test by Halloween.  We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but we do think that we will have something to work with in this time frame.
  8. It looks like the food porn calendar might be logistically difficult and put on the back burner, but we are still looking at creating some kind of restaurant passport.  We are thinking that might be best handled as part of a functional app.
  9. As soon as I get around to it, or Patty Russie beats me down 😉 , we will be moving a link to the tutorial for the Virtual Membership Card to the “Deals” section of the webpage so that you can find it easier
  10. The Facebook DISLIKE button.  We had briefly discussed the fact that a Facebook dislike button may be in the works and how that will affect a group where we insist that things are positive.  If Facebook can actually pull that idea together, we think that the impact on the group will be negligible and we have no concerns that it will significantly impact what we do.
  11. And…..GO!  No matter how much we try to tell group members this, this statement is annoying as hell and does nothing to get you a quicker and better response.  In fact, several group members who might be able to provide you with great information purposely ignore these requests.  Give some thought to asking your question without this annoying superfluous comment. 🙂


RESTAURANT UPDATES:  Our group goal is to always try to introduce people to local restaurant options.  Sometimes there is confusion about what is local, what is not, and which restaurants could go either way.  For the most part, we use the guidelines provided by Local First, but we do have a few deviations from their list.  We have made some clarifications as to which restaurants are local and which are not.  This list represents the restaurants that always provide the most confusion, and a couple of them are new to the non-local list.  As usual, we delete all non-local posts.

COMMON NOT-LOCAL RESTAURANT POSTS:  Chop House, Ruth’s Chris, Red Olive, Toppers, Charlie’s Crab, Tropical Smoothie, BC Pizza, Leo’s Coney Island, The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, Salad Works, Bagger Daves and Bonefish Grill.

All of that , and a lot of Indian food, was the bulk of what we covered in our brainstorming event.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this update, please add it in the comment section HERE on the webpage so that we can try to respond.




  1. When you’re reading the blog and you log in, you bounce to the main map page. So, that’s awesome to hear it’s being addressed.

    Would an app be the passport? I can’t understand what an app would do that a mobile site can’t, but what do I know. I am sad to hear about the calendar.

    It would be nice to have a few more lists on the site, like local drive thrus and such. I like to use those, and I think they should have a dedicated website link to corral all those posts.

    Love this group. Love the site. Thanks for all the work everyone does!

    1. Great question, Katie….it is the number of locations. We are trying to use 15ish as a guidleline for this Slows only has 4 locations (I believe) but Red Olive is right about at 15….I keep getting conflicting info. If slows grows that large, we will be adding them to the no fly list because they have hit that high water mark AND are not Headquartered in our coverage area. 🙂

      1. Bagger Daves must fall under the 15 rule, too? I recall an earlier post where you allowed it because it was Michigan based, so I’m just curious.

        And thank you for all that you guys do:)

  2. Sounds like a successful meeting!! Love this group and the photo postings. Have opened my eyes to many restaurants didn’t know were around! Tried some-but many more to go!!

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