Pulaski Days are here to stay…..at least for the weekend!

It is that time of year again when we celebrate our town’s strong Polish heritage by visiting as many polish halls that we can and stuffing our face with pierogies and kapusta while quaffing down pints of beer at Polish halls.  OK, at least that has always been my take on it.

At any rate, Grand Rapids has a strong Polish heritage, and we plan to celebrate.  Friday October 2nd – Sunday October 4th fourteen halls will be offering their take on Polish food and beer.  Here is the list of halls with their respective activities and food offerings.



Although this is the big time of year for the Polish Halls, some local restaurants typically add a Polish item or two to their menus during this week as well.  Since we are all about food discovery in Grand Rapids, we approve of that as well.

The Pierogies in the photograph are a staple of the Westside restaurant The Black Heron who always have pierogies and sausage on their regular menu.  We encourage you to check out all of the Polish food offerings whether they come from the halls, or a great restaurant.  If you have never been to a Polish hall during Pulaski Days, though, it is quite an experience and everybody should give it a go at least once.


Epilogue:  I had somebody express concern that maybe I didn’t understand the importance of Pulaski days.  As a lifelong resident of Grand Rapids who is of Polish ancestry, I can assure you that I understand the importance of Pulaski days to the Polish Halls….which is why I wrote the blogpost. 🙂

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