Have You Been….. (Crooked Goose edition)

I am almost ashamed to admit this, but I have only been to Crooked Goose one time in my life.  As I recall, I got a burger and a beer flight.

Goose chips & bacon ranch cheese dip (Photo credit: Tim Lyle)
Goose chips & bacon ranch cheese dip (Photo credit: Tim Lyle)

I think that part of the reason that I haven’t gone there more is that I just don’t know what is on their menu.  This is probably true of many of the places that people don’t go to.  Not knowing what is on the menu when you are looking for a place to go can be an automatic disqualifier.  This is why when I got a call from Crooked Goose to sample their new menu items, I jumped at the chance to check out something that was new to me.

As is frequently the case in many restaurants, the menu change was precipitated by the introduction of a new chef into the restaurant.  Executive Chef Andrew Smith wanted to put his own touches on the menu, so he removed items that were less popular or that were not gaining traction with the public, and added his own flair in creating some new dishes.


Cedar planked salmon
Cedar planked salmon (Photo credit: Tim Lyle)

The 5 items that they wanted me to try that were new to the menu were Cedar Planked Salmon, The Rib Basket, Barnyard Burger, Crooked Reuben, and  Goose Chips & Bacon Ranch Cheese Dip.   After sampling these items I got to thinking,  “If these are the new items, what were the older items that were popular in the past?”  The answer: pizza and wings.  Given the menu items that I had just sampled, I was a little surprised at these two suggestions, but it makes sense.  Ultimately, Crooked Goose has a large bar, and bar food is likely to follow.

House Caribbean Grilled wings. (Photo credit: Tim Lyle)
House Caribbean Grilled wings. (Photo credit: Tim Lyle)

So what else did I discover on my visit to Crooked Goose?   I discovered  that Crooked Goose has an extensive list of local suppliers who provide their ingredients to them and they do their best to “keep it local”.  They proudly display that list of local food providers on their website.  I also learned that a significant amount of their menu items are made from scratch.  This is a trend that we are seeing more and more with local restaurants, and I am happy to see that the public is receptive to this.

All in all, this was a great learning experience for me about a restaurant that I certainly have traveled less frequently than some others.



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