Late October 2015 news update (Food Trucks)

Wow, what a year it has been for food trucks in Greater Grand Rapids.  It isn’t that the laws have gotten any better, or that things are inherently easier, they are not.  What did happen is that we were able to raise the level of awareness of food trucks in the area (a total that is now hovering around 30).  Awareness is the first step needed to show the business community that food trucks are here and provide value to the restaurant community.

Pinkies Food Truck
Pinkies Food Truck

A Moveable Feast was the anchor food truck this past year at the Grand Rapids Art Museum where you could frequently find 4-5 trucks selling their wares,  EatGR organized 3 food truck events this past summer, and Trail Point Brewing has been featuring a variety of food trucks in their parking lot over the last eight weeks.  A good start for sure in gaining more visibility.

A Moveable Feast

One of the reasons for this update was to pass on this promising news.  Another was to announcing the entry of the new food truck Patty Matters into the food truck community.  Lastly, it is also to announce that there are four (4) local food trucks for sale for a variety of reasons.  Although I am sad to know that we have four trucks for sale, this is also an opportunity for somebody else to dive into the fray and try their hand at mobile food service.  I will tell you that the average food truck is selling for $30,000. Feel free to contact me for details.

All and all, I feel that the trending for food trucks is a positive one, and we at EatGR are looking forward to helping that community get the word out about what they are doing and hopefully help you find them a little bit easier than in the past.



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