Have You Been…..(Graydon’s Crossing edition)

I will have the Maitake Mushroom Vindaloo and Bangladesh Burrito please.

Neither one of these dishes sound possible in Grand Rapids, let alone at the same place, but both of them can be currently found on the menu at Graydon’s Crossing.

Graydon’s Crossing, located at 1223 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505, serves a fairly eclectic menu which I can only describe as Indian/American fusion. I say this because many of the dishes have spices like curry and masala and utilize cooking techniques that you might find in many Indian dishes. Just as soon as I feel comfortable calling it an Indian fusion restaurant, things like Szechuan rabbit pop up on their monthly special menu just to throw me a curveball.

Szechuan rabbit ( a past monthly special)
Szechuan rabbit ( a past monthly special)

One of the nice things about Graydon’s is that it is a great place to go for vegetarians as well.  Mac and cheese, samosas, hummus and veggie burgers can all be found on the menu to help satisfy that dietary requirement.  I have to tell you that as a carnivore, I frequently order the vegetarian items at Graydon’s and never feel like I am sacrificing meal quality just for the sake of ordering a whole meal without meat.  I just really enjoy their food in general, regardless of what it is.

Maitake mushroom vindaloo
Maitake mushroom vindaloo

In addition to their regular menu, Graydon’s typically runs 8 or so additional items each month as specials, and these specials are just as  interesting and fun as the regular menu offerings.

Graydon’s has recently opened up for brunch on the weekends offering what their website describes as “traditional and globally inspired breakfast options.”

Fish and chips at Graydon's Crossing
Fish and chips at Graydon’s Crossing

To somebody new to this menu, it might sound like a whole lot of crazy, but fear not.  For those less adventurous with their food, there are always  more “normal” menu options as well.  The drunken burger,  fish and chips, several salads and over 40 beers on tap including many of the local craft beers that we expect to find available here in Grand Rapids.  Graydon’s Crossing really does have something for everybody.


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