Have You Been…..(Rio Grand Steakhouse edition)

Prime Rib at Rio Grand Steakhouse

How often do people on EatGR  ask “Where can I get steak?”  The answer: All the time.

Regardless how often that question is asked, the answers are almost always the same.  The two national chains that grace our downtown region (deleted!), and a handful of local places who I think of as “the usual suspects”.  These local suggestions are all fine places to get steak, but I rarely see Rio Grand Steakhouse (5501 Northland Dr.  Grand Rapids, MI 49525) in those suggestions.  I mean, seriously, steakhouse is in their name so it seems a logical choice.  I felt like I needed to check into this more closely.

Baby back ribs at Rio Grand Steakhouse
Baby back ribs at Rio Grand Steakhouse

Now, this is the second time in as many weeks that I have had to admit this: I have never eaten at Rio Grand Steakhouse.  WOW!  It seems shocking that I would have missed this restaurant that has been around for 22 years, but I have.  Even when I was steakquesting, I overlooked it.  In retrospect, I have to chalk it up to misconceptions.

Most of my misconceptions were because steak is something that I consider a luxury. I figured that the prices were out of my reach and that  because they are a steakhouse that the only thing that they serve was steak (and my wife isn’t a big steak eater).  Foolish, right?  However, that is what I thought.  It turns out that I was quite wrong on both counts.

Salmon at Rio Grand
Salmon at Rio Grand

Rio Grand’s price point is right about where every other mid range restaurant in town is.  As far non-steak dishes, they also serve chicken, seafood, sandwiches and burgers to name just a few other things on the menu.  Yes, they are steak heavy because they are a steakhouse and all, but there are other food options as well.  I also assumed that they were only open for dinner.  This is also incorrect.  They actually have a reasonably priced and good sized lunch menu that includes many sandwiches.

Rio Grand is also well equipped to hold private parties.  For somebody looking for a space to hold a private or semi-private dinner, they have seating enough on one side of the restaurant to handle groups from 25-150 people without difficulty.

I am so glad that I took the time to go out to Rio Grand Steakhouse and see what they do, because I learned a lot.  The next time that the question of “Steak” comes up in EatGR, Rio Grand really should be a part of that discussion.


Photo Credits: Tim Lyle

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  1. We love this restaurant and frequent it on a regular basis. Have never had a bad meal or service. Some of my favorites are the El Paso steak salad and the Steakhouse soup which is filled with hearty chunks of sirloin, roasting juices and other tasty morsels. There’s also a screened dining area for summer time. So glad you found it!

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