1. I have never been to any of these breakfast places and would be awesome to check them out with my husband! He & I love going to new restaurants and he sells restaurant/bakery equipment so it’s always good to visit new places to see if they need anything!

  2. I love noble restaurant. The service is great. I go super early and always get the same waitress, and she is so nice! The food never disappoints! Manna cafe also has some fantastic food. I only went to the Old Goat once when they first opened but have every intention of returning, as the service there was phenomenal. I’d love to see how much better things are now that they have been in operation for quite a while!

  3. This is what I can tell you about these restaurants- never been to Manna Cafe, We had my dad’s 80th birthday dinner at the Old Goat, Wealthy St Bakery made an amazing GF cake for my niece, I found (and now love!) Noble through EatGR!

  4. Rafflecopter should understand, being a jerk, how much of a bigger jerk I am if I don’t eat breakfast. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be one-upped! How ’bout it, Rafflecopter? Giving me this package would let him rule the jerky roost.

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