The 12 days of Christmas giveaway (reaching out to local restaurants)

On any given week, there are between 120 and 200 local restaurants talked about on EatGR. I think that is pretty good, but I still hear some owners say nobody mentions “my restaurant.” Well, either nobody ate at your restaurant or nobody is posting from there…. Either way, I have no control over that.

So, this week is your big chance. I am looking at doing the 12 days of Christmas restaurant giveaway again this year and would like to see the participation of some “underdog” local restaurants.

Are you a restaurant owner/owner representative who feels under-represented and wants to get your name out there, I invite you to toss a gift card from your establishment into the holiday giveaway hat. That way I can guarantee that we will at least be mentioning your restaurant as part of the giveaway, and we will also encourage the winner to post pictures of the food from your place after they have eaten there.

Now, the “usual suspect” restaurants are welcome to participate as well. EatGR provides this opportunity equally to all local restaurants so I expect to see many of the regular contest participants to jump on board.

Ideally I need to have all of these cards dropped off to our EatGR office in the next five days or so if I’m going to run a proper giveaway.

Please contact me via email at if you would like to participate and so that we can go over details….and don’t wait until it’s too late. I can’t help that either 😉

Or you can just advertise on the website (several restaurants do that as well). 🙂

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