Blue Water Grill Feels Your Pain Giveaway.

Prime Rib from Blue Water Grill

So, for the last Giveaway, some of you were traumatized (writer’s embellishment) ย that the only way to enter the contest was via Instagram. ย We did that because it is absolutely vital to the future success of EatGR ย that we have a successful instagram presence (EatGR1), but some of you just wanted free food as easy as possible. ย Enter Blue Water Grill.

Blue Water Grill was so moved by your plight (more writer’s embellishment) for higher end dining in a “convenient easy to enter a contest package”, that they donated a couple of gift cards to the cause.

Anyhow, this intentionally, sloppily written blogpost is to alert you that Blue Water Grill is gererously offering a gift card giveaway that ends tonight and will be using the services of your good friend Rafflecopter to choose a winner.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. We love Blue Water and haven’t gotten out much since bringing our new baby home from the NICU, I’d love to win this and take my hubby out!

  2. I deserve this prize because I have entered every giveaway from you, and have not won! Also I have a handicapped husband that I can only get out of the house for doctor appointments once a year. Can’t afford to go out!

  3. This is a place I’ve been wanting to try for the first time. I am a HUGE seafood lover and appreciate when it’s well prepared and flavored.

    I eat out often and ALWAYS recommend places I like to family, friends and anyone else who will listen.

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