March 2016 Admin Meeting Breakdown (for group members)

Results from March 7 Admin meeting:

  1. Making clear our group purpose (reading the FAQ).
  2. Understanding that EatGR serves 2 constituencies.
  3. Time and Money.
  4. Annoying posts (and Go!, long dissertations, etc)
  5. BYOB, Dogs on Patios.
  6. Engaging people on deleted posts.
  7. Restaurant posts without photos
  8. Restaurant self promotion and posting links from restaurants
  9. Should we fire Rafflecopter


  1. Per our FAQ: The goal of the EatGR Facebook Group is to discover/celebrate restaurants in Greater Grand Rapids so that people are aware of local restaurant options as opposed to national chains. We want people to show us the local food and restaurants they like  by posting photos of food they enjoyed from the restaurants in question. (If you didn’t like your food or experience, DON’T POST ABOUT IT). Despite this, we still hear the complaints that we don’t allow negative comments or criticism. All that we can tell you is that it is a little bit like asking humans to breath water.  It is not what we do, and we are clear about this.  We help you find the restaurant/food, you need to determine if it is right for you.  If you want reviews, YELP is there for you.  We have no interest in being remotely like YELP.   EatGR FAQ/Rules
  2. A lot of people don’t seem to realize that EatGR has 2 constituencies. We are here to help PEOPLE (1) and RESTAURANTS (2).  Too often posts are hyper focused on the people, but not the restaurant.  We are trying to help both of these entities.  This is another reason we don’t allow negative commentary.  It is a slight against our second constituency.  In many ways, we are a little like a dating service bringing people and restaurants together.  We hope that you will be a good match, but it doesn’t always work out in spite of our best efforts.  Tastes vary.
  3. We have a lot of people ask us “Why can’t you do this, or that? “Why can’t somebody create this service or organize this?”  Well, anytime that group members want something, it costs TIME AND MONEY.  We know that group members don’t realize that when they ask for things that seem useful/desirable in the group, but don’t seem to weigh in the part that somebody who already works a full time career AND as a part/full time unpaid admin is now being asked to take on additional work.  Frankly, the requests are not reasonable.  We have put thousands of hours (and dollars) into a website that covers a lot of this ground, but people seem to resist using it.  For those looking for things like a library of photos, that can be found via the website.  (How to find alphabetized restaurant albums and other things on the website).
  4. Annoying posts. Unfortunately, there is little that we can do about this.  We don’t like deleting posts to begin with, and when you do it just inflames the Original Poster who didn’t mean to be annoying, but is in spite of themself.  It is the policy of the admins to ignore these posts….but we cannot dictate that others will.
  5. BYOB into a restaurant that does not have a liquor license or bringing a dog on a patio are both illegal in the state of Michigan. Because they are both illegal, we will delete these posts when the question is asked.  It is not the position of EatGR to support illegal activity no matter how popular the practice is.  If the laws change, so will we.
  6. Why admins do not engage people privately to explain deletions. If your comment was deleted, it is because an administrator felt it violated group rules. Admins are instructed to delete the comment in question and post the FAQ.   Although some people have requested that an admin contact them to explain, this is not AND will not be our policy.   WHY?   EatGR is a large group where many comments get deleted. The admins are typically full-time employees at “real paying jobs” and we do not have the time to engage people one-on-one to explain each and every deletion.  ..we used to do this in the past.   It didn’t take us long to realize that when contacted privately the vast majority of people become combative in one way or another (even though we are often assured by them prior to contact that this would not be the case).   We don’t have the time or desire to argue with people or take the personal abuse over a deleted Facebook comment.  We have better things to do, and frankly, so do you.
  7. Posts from restaurants without photos will be deleted. Posting photos has always been the key to what we do in the group.  No photo=No sense.  If you forgot to take a photo and you really meant to, it is OK not to post this time.  We look forward to seeing your photos from your next dinner out 🙂
  8. Our rule has always been that restaurants are not allowed to self promote into the group. Restaurants and their proxies can respond to questions that are asked by group members, but any direct appeal through advertisement, self generated food post or an event post is not permitted.  We already know how the restaurant feels about their own food, and we do not need them to remind us of that.  We also don’t want people just copying and pasting pictures of specials and advertisements from restaurant Facebook pages, we want to see photos from your experience. Show us what you thought was good from your visit. Copying and pasting ads and photos from a Facebook page is a little like handing us a tourist brochure of Disney World and telling us how wonderful it is. It really just an unpaid advertisement and we typically delete those posts.
  9. Even though Rafflecopter is a complete jerk to group members, he is still the best way for us to give away free stuff.  We will be keeping him on until we can find a replacement. 😉


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