Brazilian Steakhouse/Korean BBQ a year later.

After a failed attempt to open last spring, Carl Jansen is going to make a second run at opening Fogo de Kimchi, a Brazilian Steakhouse/Korean BBQ buffet in downtown Grand Rapids.

“I had high hopes for opening my restaurant last year,” said Jansen, but it turns out that Luna had mistakenly rented the building that he had planned to open up in. Jansen is planning to revolutionize both genres of cuisine by offering each at a fraction of the price charged in all major cities. “I am hoping to keep the cost of the buffet under $10 per person for the frugal minded residents of Grand Rapids.” Jansen confirmed. “It’s not rocket science here, we just put a lower price on the buffet. It is what people expect.”

Luna owner, Mario Cascante, conceded that Fogo de Kimchi did indeed have what is known in business as “First Dibs Rights” to this downtown location. In order to correct the situation, Cascante has agreed to move his restaurant next door to an occupied office building so as not to delay the opening of Fogo later this month. ┬áThere will be no lapse in service at Luna as this switchover is expected to take no more than 8 hours.

Cascante was recently quoted on mlive as saying that “this is the right thing to do” to move Luna next door and avoid any legal complications that might result from his having “second dibs”.

When asked how Fogo de Kimchi would make money selling food for less money than it costs to prepare it, Jansen simply replied,”Volume!”






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