Cha Cha Changes In The Grand Rapids Area Food Scene

Oh My Salad (closed Sundays)

There are so many changes/Events in the Grand Rapids area food scene for this month, that we are just going to get down to business and start rattling them off.

Oh My Salad has opened up on 28th street and is offering great fresh salad options, smoothies, and acai bowls.  Oh My Salad Mlive story.

American Dogs and More is now open and in addition to dogs.  They have a solid Italian beef sandwich which rivals the best in the city.

Italian Beef at American Dogs
Italian Beef at American Dogs

Sweet Creams is open in the middle of the city on Giddings and Hall offering Frozen Yogurt and is an oasis in a food dessert.

Mi Casa on Burton just opened and is the second Dominican restaurant in Grand Rapids

The Toasted Pickle is a Sandwich shop that  has opened in Grand Haven.

Small Town Soup Shop is now open in Grand Haven

The Pizza Experiment has replaced what was Cvlt Pizza (New owner and name, same general food)

Bartertown is under new ownership

Sushi at Noodle Monkey
Sushi at Noodle Monkey


Noodle Monkey is closing it’s doors on April 14 in preparation to make upgrades and will reopen in May with sushi added to their menu

Reds (Formerly Reds on the River) opens in their new location on Thursday, April 14

The Noto’s Spring Charity Winefest is April 15

Vander Mill Per local sources, opening on April 18 to the public.

The Wheelhouse in downtown Grand Rapids in May. (We are planning some giveaways for this opening)

EatGR’s first Food Truck Rally of the Season is coming up on May 21 at the Downtown Market.

Daddy Pete's BBQ (Food Truck)
Daddy Pete’s BBQ Food Truck (Next Event is the Dream Big Fair in Kentwood Sat, April 16)

EatGR will be sponsoring a total of 6 food truck rallies this summer (3 at the Downtown Market and 3 at The Grilling Company) as part of our efforts to support our mobile food entrepreneurs until local ordinances change in a way that allow these trucks more freedom to operate on our streets.  Mayor Bliss is working on these changes which will hopefully be in place by the end of summer.

There are lots of new restaurants/events out there and several more opening soon that will need your support.  Make sure to get out there and support all of this new local goodness.





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