Impromptu Blue Water Grill Giveaway!

PRIME RIB from Blue Water Grill

Alrighty gang, you have Dave Davis to thank for this.

He won our $50 gift card giveaway to the Blue Water Grill, but we hadn’t yet connected on getting him his prize.  Rather than claim the prize, he has generously offered to have it regifted to EatGR.  He immediately contacted his good friend RAFFLECOPTER and asked him to redistribute it to somebody else.


So, now you have 10 hours to try and win it.  Good Luck, and thank you again to Dave Davis.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My and my mother love Blue Water because of just that, the water. We both live stressful lifestyles and the water is very calming and therapeutic. My mother also just loves prime rib and we just can’t afford it at blue water so we rarely go anyway.

  2. Love the blue water grill! Wifey and I have been tight on bills and need a great night out. Beautiful atmosphere and killer prime rib and walleye!

  3. I’ve only recently really started going to local restaurants, my family always was into chains but local is so much better and I’d love a gift card to go check out this one!

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