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Best Dive Bar:  Amore

People who use EatGR are obsessed with knowing what the “Best” of everything is.  Their immense fear of going to a place that has less than a 7 star rating was not lost on us.  In response to this, we surveyed a not unbiased group of solitary individual with no superfluous knowledge and came up with these impeachable results.

Patio at Yesterdog.
Patio at Yesterdog

Patios are a huge thing, and it turns out that the best patio in GR is the one at Yesterdog.  This exclusive 3 table patio it perfect for eating the off-menu “Eiffel Tower” dog.  The very exclusive nature of this patio is what makes is so special.  With such limited seating, it isn’t uncommon to find hipsters in a “mano a mano” confrontation with drunk bar patrons to fight for these coveted seats.  It may not have the best view or quiet seclusion that is common with many of the patios in Grand Rapids, but it comes with a certain pedestrian charm.

Aioli Flight at Electric Cheetah
Aioli Flight at Electric Cheetah

The frugal minded people of Grand Rapids are always looking for a good date night on the cheap. The Best cheap date night meal is the Electric Cheetah’s Aioli flight. What you see is what you get with this $2 flight of Aioli.  You can escape this very popular and trendy retaurant for as little as $4 when each of you order a plate of Aioli and a glass of water.  You can tell your friends, “I WAS THERE!” without incurring the usual $30 tab for 2 by ordering this cheap date night item.

The double D Burger at Daniele's Pizza
The double D Burger at Daniele’s Pizza

Hands down the healthiest dish in Grand Rapids, The Double D Burger is absolutely chock full of ingredients from the four major food groups.  In fact, this one sandwich contains 10-16 helpings from each of the government recommended four food groups.  It doesn’t get any healthier than that.

Steak and Potato at Blue Dog Tavern
Steak and Potato at Blue Dog Tavern

People are always asking for the best cheap steak in town, so we found it for you.  This steak and potato dish at Blue Dog Tavern only runs about $12.  What makes this steak all the more impressive this the second steak that they throw on top of  the first steak.  It is a little lighter in color so that you can see that you are getting 2 steaks for the price of one.  I highly recommend it.  For the record, several restaurants carry variations of this steak and potato dish at a very similar price.  We chose to highlight this one because of the unique potato presentation.


American influenced tacos
American influenced tacos at Adobe

Finally, best ethnic food.  This was a no brainer: the Americanized taco.  This has all of the charm of Mexican street food, with all of the standard American sensibilities of Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and flour tortillas.  Is it ethnic Mexican food or ethnic American food?  THAT is what makes it the best ethnic dish….we haven’t a clue!

Hopefully this Best of the Best resolves any of the confusion around which of these items is THE BEST in Grand Rapids.  We think that it will.





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