Have You Been…..Vitale’s Comstock Park Edition

Rabbit Risotto

Your parents always tell you to never assume, because….well, you know why.

I had always assumed that all the Vitale’s restaurants in the area were the same, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Certainly all of the Vitale’s restaurants serve pizza, and other Italian fare, but just over a year ago the Comstock Park Vitale’s (located at 3868 West River Road NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321) committed to creating a more upscale menu experience.  This effort started last February when they hired executive chef Dan Chudik

Fruiti de mare
Fruiti de mare

Chudik built up a solid reputation as one of the best chefs in town when he owned and operated Tuscan Express.  Vitales Comstock Park is now the beneficiary of his cooking expertise.  Chudik still specializes in making his sauces and food from scratch, and his culinary knowledge has really broadened the depth and strengthened the quality of an already solid menu.  In addition to the standard menu offerings, Chudik creates several weekly specials that change every Wednesday.  I was fortunate enough to show up on a week where rabbit risotto was on the weekly special menu.  Rabbit is so difficult to get right, and what I had was spot on.

Vitale’s Comstock Park has also added 4-8 beer dinners a year to their restaurant offerings.


In addition to having one of the best chefs in town at the helm in the kitchen, Vitale’s Comstock Park was one of the pioneers of the now very popular garage door patios.  Long before it was fashionable, they had several of those doors installed on their building and still have one of the largest 4 season patios in the city today.

High quality food and great ambiance are of the utmost of importance to Vitale’s Comstock Park, and they are really trying to raise the bar for both.  If you happen to be in the Comstock Park/Fifth Third Ballpark area, it is definitely worth a visit.  If you are not in that neck of the woods, you might just want to go there anyway.  The food is certainly worth the drive.


4 season patio at Vitale's Comstock Park
4 season patio at Vitale’s Comstock Park






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