Have You Been…..Wheelhouse Edition

Croque Madame

This is one of those rare times when I know that very few of you have actually been to the restaurant in question ( Wheelhouse at 67 Ottawa Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503).

Pan Fried Goat Cheese
Pan Fried Goat Cheese

With a couple of low key soft opening events and a little bit of word of mouth, Wheelhouse is moving at exactly the pace that they wanted to ahead of their grand opening that is coming up tomorrow, Monday June 6, 2016.  Employees have been using the last 2 weeks to ramp up their skills in preparation for what will clearly be one of the busiest restaurants in downtown Grand Rapids.

Steak and Frites
Steak and Frites

Wheelhouse is the baby brother of Twisted Rooster and Crooked Goose, both located here in Grand Rapids, and all three restaurants pride themselves on locally sourcing as many of their food ingredients as possible.  Unlike the other two restaurants, Wheelhouse will be serving slightly more upscale menu items than its’ siblings.  Instead of seeing things like mac & cheese, pizza, tater tots and wings, the Wheelhouse menu will feature things like oysters on the half shell, scallops, croque madame and Orecchiette.

Diver Scallops
Diver Scallops

To celebrate the grand opening of Wheelhouse, EatGR is running a giveaway for a $50 gift card. We will be giving away prizes to two (2) lucky winners with our good friend rafflecopter.  As usual, follow the instructions below to enter up to 4 times.

We will be choosing a winner tonight at 11:59p.m. (6/5/16)



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  1. I deserve to win because it’s my birthday next week and a free meal would be awesome! I am also a teacher and only have one week left for the summer. It would be perfect timing to enjoy a day off and go out for my birthday!

  2. I would love the chance to take my friend out when she returns to GR from NYC. So many new and exciting places to try and what better way for her to reacclimate to the city than with great food??

  3. My sister moved back to GR after several years in Indiana with her husband who’s from Indiana. They have a two month old son, so they haven’t had much time or opportunity yet to explore our local establishments. Would love to win this and take them out to a new place on the scene! (Grandpa and Grandma would provide the babysitting). 😉

  4. My hubby and I have been so curious about The Wheelhouse but haven’t made it there yet. Would love to win and sink our teeth into the goodness!!

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