Stump the Chump, EatGR style

Not too many people have eaten at every local restaurant in town, but I am close. I have been to all but a very few….which is why I need you to STUMP THE CHUMP.

I am always looking for the next new place, hole in the wall, or ethnic restaurant that might have escaped me….but I have been to them all….or have I? I have decided that the best way to examine this is through a contest.

I need you to name 10 restaurants that I have not been to in the Greater Grand Rapids Area. the following Criteria applies:

1. No pizza joints, Chinese restaurants or bars.
2. (8) of the restaurants must come from Kent County
3. (2)restaurants can come the lakeshore (excluding Saugatuck), south to Kalamazoo, or north to big rapids (nothing East of Lowell)

I will tally up all of the entries and everybody who is tied for the most places that I have not been to will have their name put into “a hat” and a winner will be drawn out. IF you suggest a national chain in the group of restaurants that you think that I have not been to, you will be assessed a (Minus 1) to your total score. So NO NATIONAL CHAINS AS DEFINED BY OUR GROUP RULES.

I will be shocked if anybody can name more than 4. If somebody actually can name 10, I will double the prize for the winner (but good luck with that).

The winner will receive a $50 gift card to Amore…. Another $50 gift card will be added if you can name 10 places and are the one that I draw from “the hat”

I will look for your answer in the comment section of the blog. Please make sure that if you have a tricky handle that I know what your real name is in case you win and I need to contact you.

We will run this until Midnight July 2, 2016



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