Vander Mill Grand Rapids Giveaway

So, you have been to Vander Mill Cider in Spring Lake, you’ve had their cider, you’ve eaten their food….or maybe you haven’t.  Spring Lake was too far for some of you to drive, so the owner of Vander Mill Cider built a second location in Grand Rapids just to save you a little wear and tear on your car.

OK, that is probably not the whole reason for the new Vander Mill, but it is a reason that could work for you.  In addition to building a brand spanking new restaurant, they have recently made some menu changes and want to give you  the opportunity to check out those changes.  That’s where we come in:

Announcing the Rafflecopter/Vander Mill gift card giveaway.  We will be giving away one (1) $50 gift card to the individual who wins this giveaway.  Now, we are mixing up the entry process just a little bit.  You can enter this contest the same way that you usually do, HOWEVER…leaving a comment will give you 3 entries as opposed to just 1 entry.  We want to know what you if you have been to Vander Mill Grand Rapids yet, and if not….why? We will give you 2 extra entries for that information.  Easy Peasy.  Aside from that, you should be good to go.

Enter soon, because the contest ends tonight at Midnight.


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  1. I went to the gr location for a friend’s birthday a little over a week after opening. There was at least 8 of us and we tried almost everything on the menu. I loved the experience we sat in the room viewing the brewery and enjoyed the service. I loved the smelt and the donut holes and ham. Our server was overwhelmed but being in the service industry I know she did the best she could. I would love to go back and treat a dif group of people.

  2. I’ve been to the old location a few times and loved it. Tried the GR location a couple months ago and loved it. The chicken was great, as were the mashed potatoes. Smelt was the best I’ve ever had. Would love to go back.

  3. I have not eaten at Vander Mill as of yet. We visit from out of town and we have a long list of restaurants to get through. Can’t wait though 🙂

  4. Stop in at least once a month since it is close to work. Had to go there when they opened due to their radish appetizer! The Ciders are super tasty, too!

  5. Due to other obligations (infant child, 2nd job, etc) I have not been able to make it to Vander Mill, as of yet. I would love to change that, soon hopefully! I hear great things and I love that they opened a 2nd location in GR. Even if they never opened a 2nd location, I would’ve made it out to Spring Lake soon enough. My bf has a brother out there and we planned on visiting once time allowed. If I were to win, I would take my bf as neither of us are embarrassed to admit our love for cider!

  6. I have been to both locations. We started going a couple years ago. Their ciders are my favorite 🙂 We enjoy the personal service at the Spring Lake location, and the food choices and prices have been more reasonable than the GR location. My husband and I felt that the GR location food was more geared to an ‘upscale’ or ‘foodie’ crowd and pricey. It would be nice to have some more casual, lower prices items on the menu. It is a 2 hour drive for us to get to either location, so depending on what ‘experience’ we want to have it will spend on which location we go to.

    1. Great comments, which lead me to a curiousity follow up.

      Is the “upscale menu comment” based on the food items served, or the price?
      What type of food would you expect at Vander Mill?
      Regarding Pricey: What price point would you like to see at a place like Vander Mill?

      TIA, Chris

  7. We’ve been meaning to try Vander Mill but this summer has been pretty busy! We’ve been to the location in Spring Lake and love it, so I imagine we will love the Grand Rapids spot as well.

  8. We have not been because of obligations to our local Little League now that we have a lull in our schedule it would be awesome to get down there and try them out!!!

  9. I haven’t made it there yet and the only reason I can think why is not having a same full day off in GR with my guy to go enjoy a different dinner out! Maybe it’ll have to be the birthday dinner this round!

  10. We have never been because we had NO INCOME from 2008-2015 due to my husband’s stroke. Got limited SS last year. Enough extra money to eat out about once a year if I skip lunch once a week for a year!

  11. Have heard so many great things about food and atmosphere and I have not been to yet. My wife and I are big foodies and would love to try out! The owner is a great guy with a great family!

  12. Vandermill has been on my list of places I want to eat at. We seemed to be so limited in the amount of time we get out of the house without the kids in tow!

  13. We had a double date there a few weeks ago, and it was amazing. The waiter was very passionate about their ciders and took us through the entire drink menu to explain the various options. We came away with some favorites- I was glad for the 5 oz sizes so we could try some things. And the food was also amazing- fresh, unique, and carefully prepared. I’d love to go back!

  14. I’ve never been to either location because one is too far, and the other, for some reason, I never think to visit- probably because I’ve never been!

  15. I have not been to Vander mill in GR yet. I have stopped in spring hill on the way back from grand haven. I have not been there yet bc until a few weeks ago I did not know there was a GR location. Someone posted the cider menu on drinkgr and that is how I found out about it. It is definitely on my list of places to go. I am interested to try a nitro cider.

  16. I haven’t been there because I’m pregnant and want to be able to enjoy the hard cider when I go. I won’t be pregnant any more in about 5 weeks!

  17. I haven’t been there because I don’t get a chance to eat out nearly as much as I’d like to, but a gift card would definitely get me to Vander Mill!

  18. I’ve never been there before because I have never heard of it. But, we will be going now. Spring Lake was never too far as we live in Grand Rapids. Nice to have one in Grand Rapids now…yummmm!

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