10 restaurants you are not finding (because they are hidden in other buildings)

Super Green Market

It is always cool when you discover a hole in the wall, but when the hole in the wall is located inside another building it makes it all the more difficult.  Here are 10 restaurants that you are probably not finding because they are not the primary business at that location.

Super Green Market has a restaurant in the back of their store, near 36th and East Paris, where you can order the gyros, pitas, hummus and other Middle Eastern goodies that are sold in house and then eat them in their small dining area. In a custom that we are not used to in America, no tipping is allowed.   Super Green Market Photos


Tacos at Supermercado Mexico

Supermercado Mexico on Chicago Drive has a full blown taqueria in the front of their store that probably seats in the ballpark of 35 people. They have all of the typical food that you would expect in a small taqueria: tacos, tortas, etc. and probably the best salsa verde Grand Rapids. I spend a lot of time here.  Supermercado Mexico Photos

Cafe Louis is a great place to do your laundry, but people don’t usually go looking for a restaurant inside a dry cleaner/laundromat. If you didn’t, however, you would miss this one. Cafe Louis started off serving crepes and coffee, but has graduated to include wraps, soups, and pastries. You don’t need to go there to do your laundry but, if you do, you can enjoy some quality eats while you wait. Café Louis Photos.

Seoul Market recently opened a 12 seat restaurant inside of their Wyoming grocery store that has been open forever. Their menu is very strong and reflects the authentic flavors of what you would expect to see in Korea, or even a larger stateside metropolis.  Seoul Market Photos.


Reuben Sandwich at Woody’s Press Box

Woody’s Press Box is the restaurant located inside Spectrum lanes on Clyde Park.  Although most bowling alley’s offer some rudimentary food for their patrons, Woody’s Press Box  completely shatters that image. They offer some top notch food including specialty pizzas, huge burgers, house made sausages, and Reuben sandwiches. They actually employ an executive chef and make as much of their food in house as possible.  Woody’s Press Box Photos.

Tacos Vera Cruz is our second restaurant located inside of a laundromat. With only 3 small tables it is not nearly as grandiose at Cafe Louis, but they serve some excellent tacos and pupusas in this hard to find eatery.  Tacos Vera Cruz Photos.


Salt and pepper tofu at Chuancai Fang

Chuancai Fang can be extremely confusing for people. They are located in a space that is occupied by another Chinese restaurant that is under different ownership (Red Sun Buffet). To enjoy their food, you must enter Red Sun Buffet and request the Chuancai Fang menu. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU GET THIS RIGHT. Run Sun offers a typical American buffet, whereas Chuancai Fang offers an authentic style Szechuan cuisine that you would find in larger cities like Chicago or New York. It is an amazing food experience that I highly recommend. Chuancai Fang Photos.

Rico’s Deli has had multiple storefronts, but has finally found what appears to be a permanent home in the Riverview Center on Front Street. Rico’s Deli serves up some solid breakfast and lunch offerings Monday-Friday during the business day. Rico’s Deli photos.

Ganders is probably the largest hole in the wall that is escaping your notice because they are located inside the Doubletree hotel on Patterson and 28th street. For the last 3 years they have been offering an amazing array of food composed of mostly locally sourced ingredients. They just recently changed executive chefs, but I am hopeful that they will continue serving the same type of locally sourced food that we have come to expect from them. Ganders Photos.

Prime cut cowboy ribeye at Vintage.
Prime cut cowboy ribeye at Vintage.

Vintage Prime and Seafood is a 44 seat fine dining restaurant (for Grand Rapids) that is located inside of Cork Wine and Food behind a wall of wine inside the Watermark Country Club. They are only open Wednesday-Sunday evenings and serve higher end cuisine. This is the place where you want to take that special person out for dinner, but if somebody didn’t point it out, you might never know it was there. Vintage Prime and Seafood Photos.

That’s it! 10 restaurants that require a roadmap beyond what you would usually expect. Hopefully you will take the time to investigate these gems. Think of it as restaurant spelunking.


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