Results from the September 27, 2016 EatGR admin meeting.

Chef Jenna graciously hosting the admin meeting.

1. Regarding website advertising: Although we would like to see more local restaurant support for the webpage, it was decided that national chain restaurants would not be allowed to advertise on

2. Regarding link ins: For a variety of reasons, most link-ins will still not be allowed into the group. Admins can always override this if it makes sense as a benefit to the group. Most of these constitute advertising either directly or indirectly and, as mentioned above, restaurants can advertise on our website if they are trying to push out a specific message.

3. Regarding recent legislation: The state of Michigan looks poised to change the “dogs on patios” law (which is currently illegal, and therefore not permitted for posting). It appears that by the end of the year that restaurants will be able to choose if they want to allow dogs on patios or not. If this changes, we will try to assemble one list of places that allow dogs in order to avoid the crush of multiple questions that are likely to come from this.

4. Regarding grocery store post: We are a restaurant group, so we had to identify what we considered a restaurant for posting purposes. We determined that a place that sells ready to eat food “generally” qualifies. So restaurants, food trucks, bakeries and delis usually meet this requirement qualifies. If there is a post on the margins, admins have the discretion to make an “on the fly” judgement.

Arancini station break to break up the monotony of the boring meeting results!
Arancini station break to break up the monotony of the boring meeting results!

5. Regarding Cottage food recommendations: The admins are not overly excited about these recommendations (RiseGR is the most prevalent) because of the lack of licensure/inspection requirements involved. We feel more comfortable supporting places using a licensed commercial kitchen BUT these suggestions will be allowed as they are fairly infrequent and do not represent a significant population of restaurant posts.

6. Regarding posts from restaurants with an adversarial relationship with EatGR: It is with great sadness that we have 2 local restaurants that are so hostile to EatGR that we simply cannot reward them by allowing their posts to be permitted in this group.

At this time, we do not want to name them publicly because we know that some people would engage in a full boycott of both places, but this may become an impossibility if questions persist. Currently, our plan is to simply delete comments that reference either of these 2 restaurants.

7. Regarding exposing group members to our other resources. We have added links to the pinned post at the top of the group that can directly link you to a couple of the resources. (The website and EatGR1 Flickr and Instagram accounts)

8. Regarding shutting off comments on posts: We will do this when questions have been answered, when the OP indicates thanks for the help, if we have repeated posts from national chains or out of area posts that force the EatGR volunteers to constantly monitor a post where people should know better than to keep posting those options, if a post has become argumentative, but still has valuable information, and posts that have just exceeded their useful amount of time in the group.

Bonus add on:

1. We are not a review group, BUT we want to hear about positive experiences. Relating a positive experience does not violate our review rules (because in order to be a review there must be positive and negatives allowed). Since we do not allow negative comments, by default, we will never be a review group. (Some people cannot wrap their minds around this, be we are confident that most of you can).

That’s it.



  1. 1. Can you define a “link-in”?

    2. Regarding #4. I’m glad you did this. Although it could certainly be abused, it is good for places like Bosna Express which is not only a restaurant, but also sells food off the shelf. In fact a while back on the Yelp site, Bosna was not even listed as a restaurant, but as a grocery store.

  2. We don’t typically allow outside links be posted in the group. So, to use an example from Bosna Express, they were celebrating a 5 year anniversary, or something, and asked if they could post a link to their facebook in the group and announce it.

    We do not allow that.

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