Thanksgiving 2016 (The bird is the word)

The Mack Daddy from Pit Stop Catering

It is Thanksgiving 2016 and we, at EatGR, want to thank our nearly 20,000 group members for their interest in broadening their local restaurant knowledge in a positive way.

We think that the Greater Grand Rapids food scene is really on the uptick, and is part of what makes this a great area to live in.

Thank you to the over 700 local restaurants that we track on a regular basis and especially those who have supported our website via advertising to keep that resource available for everybody. I also appreciate your willingness to accommodate our meet ups and FOODNAMIS!

Special thanks to the 11 group moderators and 4 moderators by proxy (you know who you are). You don’t get nearly enough credit for your hard work.

It is our hope that everyday you are a group member that you will learn something beneficial about our local food scene, or pass something beneficial on to somebody else.  Greater Grand Rapids is growing up fast, and local restaurants are a huge part of what is making that happen.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and thank you for your continued support…..Now go eat some turkey!

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