Tacos from La Vencedora

OK, you guys make this request A LOT, and I find myself completely frustrated by some of the responses….so, I have compiled a list of TRADITONAL Mexican Tacos.  I like the use of the word traditional vs. authentic because each state in Mexico has their version of tacos.  Before somebody beats me up on Donkey….they are a good example of a taco that I would not call authentic, but are certainly feature several TRADITIONAL elements  As usual, I have tried them all.

If it is not on this list, it is probably an Americanized version (which will completely shock the people who have been posting otherwise) 😉  There are a couple of Mexican places that I have not had the tacos at, so they might be added to this list later once I confirm. 😛

Traditional tacos from Maggie's Kitchen
Traditional tacos from Maggie’s Kitchen

The most delicious tacos in the photo are from La Vencedora….WOOT!

7 Mares
Arturos (Grand Haven)
Cabanas Tres Amigos
El Arriero
Le Aztecas (Allendale)
El Especial Supermarket
El Ganadero
El Globo
El Granjero
El Huarache (Holland)
El Korita (Middleville)
El Mariachi (Ionia)
El Paraiso (Holland)
El Tapatio (Muskegon)
El Zapopan (Kent City)
Grandville Market
Le Huasteca
La Laguna
El Ranchero
La Probadita (Hart)
La Vencedora
Las Rocas
Lindo Mexico
Los Comales
Maggies Kitchen
Margarita’s (Holland)
Mexican Connexion (Hastings)
Mi Cocina (Grand Haven)
Mi Favorita (Holland)
Pupuseria El Gallo
Pupuseria El Salvador
Quekas (Kalamazoo)
Supermercado Guanajuato
Supermercado Mexico
Supermercado Moreno (Sparta)
Supermercado Rosie (Holland)
Taco Loco
Taco Veloz
Tacos Dona Guille (food truck)
Tacos El Caporal
Tacos El Cunado
El Torito Asador
Taqueria El Rincon Mexicano
Taqueria Garcia
Taqueria Maravatio
Taqueria San Jose
Taqeria Super Torta
Tienda y Taqueria Azteca (Holland)

Tacos El Cuñado downtown market
Tacos El Cuñado downtown market

…and of course, some tacos for you to go.





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