The EatGR 2017 Foodie Wish List

The Superman Cheesecake at Lucki’s Cheesecake

So, when you eat a sushi burrito (Jaku Sushi) or Korean BBQ (Emonae) you know that those ideas didn’t originate in Grand Rapids. Those ideas came from somewhere else. How many times do you hear people pining for that special dish (kolaches has been mentioned recently), but it just isn’t served in town?

Corned beef and Shawarma egg rolls at The Butchers Grille in Dearborn
Corned beef and Shawarma egg rolls at The Butchers Grille in Dearborn

Knowing this, I periodically go on food road trips to see what some of our neighboring communities are doing that might be nice in Grand Rapids. Here are a few things that might be interesting to see in GR, preferably locally owned.

The superman flavor a Michigan thing, and a place named Lucki’s Cheesecakes (The original on 6 mile) in Detroit has taken that to the next logical place. Maybe somebody should open a restaurant called “All things Michigan” that features superman and blue moon treats with wet burritos and olive burgers being the main course. That might be asking too much.

Ice cream with flavor syringes from New Modern Creamery
Ice cream with flavor syringes from Nice Modern Creamery

Is Grand Rapids ready for molecular gastronomy? We weren’t the first time that it was tried here at a place called “Bloom”. I, unfortunately, never had the pleasure to eat at Bloom. Apparently it was ahead of its time. That said, I did go to Nice Modern Creamery in Detroit who uses the entry level step of creating ice cream using liquid nitrogen. They add the addition garnish of flavor syringe is that they stick into your finished product. Cool stuff, literally.  Maybe this is the year?

Tikka masala pizza from Curry on Crust in Canton
Tikka masala pizza from Curry on Crust in Canton

Fusion food. We have a few restaurants in town who occasionally have crossover fusion dishes like the aforementioned sushi burrito, but full on fusion restaurants are not so common. I do want to give a local nod to Graydon’s Crossing and FUEGO: A Fusion Kitchen who are out there ahead of everybody else in this field, but I will tell you that too often that the extent of fusion is Mexican food crossed with something else because it is easy to put food from another culture into a taco shell or a burrito wrap and call it fusion food. I went to a place in Canton called “Curry On Crust” which is an Indian pizza place. It won’t be for everybody, but they were certainly doing a brisk business. I was glad to have tried it.  Hopefully our fair city can take on a few of these fusion efforts.

Golumpki from Polish Kitchen in Harbor Springs
Golumpki from Polish Kitchen in Harbor Springs

Finally, I want a real Polish restaurant in town, but this comes with a bit of a caveat. I don’t want an average Polish place opening up and serving the same four pale, washed out Polish items that you see at every festival. I want Polish food with bold flavors and presentations. Now, before you tell me that is not possible because Polish food is bland, I say Bull Pucky! I went to Polish Kitchen in Harbor Springs earlier this year and had the most amazing golumpki ever, as well and other excellent polish dishes. The Lazy Susan put out a great bigos dish, and even the Polish Falcons had a Pollito (Polish fusion burrito). It can be done, but we have to care enough to want great polish dishes for it to succeed.

OK, that’s it. My foodie wishlist for Grand Rapids in 2017.

Let’s make it a great year, and HAPPY EATING!

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