EatGR Magazine?

After nearly 5 years, EatGR has grown and changed dramatically.

I started EatGR because my career in Real Estate was taking me to all sorts of neighborhoods with interesting, local eateries. I thought that talking to people about these local eateries would be a great way to meet people. That is where it all started, but new aspects to EatGR started almost immediately.

Keeping things positive
Doing monthly food meet ups
Taking an active role in getting food trucks on our streets
Taking group members out to eat every time I sold and closed a home
Teaming up with Feeding America West Michigan when possible
Starting a website
Expanding to Tumblr, Flickr, and Instagram

We have now reached the next phase of our existence with the creation of EatGR Magazine

As you can see, we are starting small and seeing if it takes off. We are starting a print version of EatGR as a glossy 4 fold brochure that we are placing at restaurants that we have a good relationship with. (Always start with your friends.). The next thing that happens will depend on how it is received and what changes seem sensible.


How many times a year do we create a new issue?
Is this small format functional?
Who else do we distribute this to…and how?
Do we change to a 8-16 page booklet format (or something completely different?)
Do we have to change from glossy to matte to keep costs down?
Is this the content that people are looking for?
Would this be better suited as an insert in an existing publication like Revue or Grand Rapids Magazine?

So many questions, so few answers, but I do need to figure these things out quickly. My very patient wife was hasn’t noticed that I have charged the production of this magazine to the credit card yet. Obviously, I need to see if this is viable to continue on its own steam because I can’t hide the mail from her forever.

If any of you pick up a copy and have some feedback on any of this, please let me know. We think that this is something that people are interested in, and think that we can continue it successfully.


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