EatGR Magazine Update

OK, Presently we are doing fairly well.  We have 0nly have to sell about 4 more pages of advertising.  Also, I am trying to find 16 people looking to do coupon advertising.  We have 4 places on board (all pizza places) but we would like at least another 12 places that have a more diverse background (so no more pizza places).

If you are a local restaurant  owner, or if you know of a restaurant  owner who is trying to reach local foodies, please pass on the word.  We really want this magazine to take off while still staying true to our ideals.  I have turned away 3 advertisers (2 were not food, and one was not local enough).  I don’t want to have to take advertising from these sources, so please get the word out there so that we don’t have to.

This issue we have some great opportunities for local restaurants to get their names out there if they are thinking about offering a coupon.


It is our hope that most of the ads will look similar to the ad provided by Rak.  Informational, but the ad itself is a stylish representation of some of our great local food.

A stylish approach to advertising
A stylish approach to advertising

Coupons are an interesting situation as they will only be available on the electronic version of our magazine.  We will be offering a special deal for a limited number of restaurants who may want to try our “coupon effort” in our next issue while we determine if that is a functional part of what we are doing.

Potential advertisers and those who want to give coupons a go can message me at and request a rate sheet while we muddle our way through this venture.



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