Have You Been…..FUEGO: A Fusion Kitchen Edition

Bacon wrapped jalapeños stuffed with chorizo and cheese.

If you were in a larger city than Grand Rapids like Detroit or Chicago, you wouldn’t give a second thought to a 45 minute drive to get to a restaurant, and that’s how I feel about FUEGO: A Fusion Kitchen. (Located at 21 West Main Street Grant, MI 49327)

Octopus sushi roll encrusted with crushed spicy cheetohs

Located north of Grand Rapids in Grant, Michigan, Fuego throws together the flavors of the Southern Texas river valley with most of Asia. The menu is huge, and doesn’t really have a single direction, which is just fine by owner Joaquin Acamapichtli.

Duck egg bibimbap.

Acamapichtli, a Texas native, is passionate about his work and finds that his affinity for spicy foods is well met by the combinations of peppers, kimchi, wasabi and other tongue testing ingredients that are commonplace in each region’s cuisines. When asked about the size and diversity of his menu, he makes no excuses. He is a food artist at heart, and this is the food that he wants to make. He is doing it his way, and the city of Grant is taking notice.


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