Have you been…..Railside Golf Club Edition.

Chicken skewers at Railside Golf Club

So, you are trying to find all of the great local places to eat. You have found all of the hole in the wall restaurants, all of the ethnic places that often get missed, and all of the good dive bars. You think that you have done it all…..but what about golf courses?

I first became aware of Railside Golf Club, 2500 76th St. Byron Center, MI 49315, a few years ago when I took a friend to lunch there. I had seen a coupon in my key card book and thought that I would give it a try. A year or so later, another friend of mine got married there. The wedding was, of course, catered by the golf club.

Fried Green Tomato BLT

It’s easy to overlook the local golf courses/country clubs as restaurant options. They are frequently located on the outskirts of town, or further, so they are usually not top of mind. They don’t advertise like other restaurants because they are more likely to be creating awareness of their wedding facilities. Additionally, even if you attended a wedding there, you often forget that they serve food because it wasn’t a typical dining situation…..you were there for the party!  Nothing about golf clubs fits the typical restaurant mold at all, yet they are a perfect place to have a sit down dinner.

Peanut butter pie

Because they are located a little off the beaten path, they are often the closest place for miles that have the capacity to serve food. They cater tons of weddings so it isn’t uncommon that they have a liquor license. Places who do a lot of catering frequently have an executive chef on staff and he/she needs to be kept busy between wedding events.  This means that you have the staff, the facility and the talent in place to operate a sit down restaurant.  If you think about it, it all makes sense.

So, the next time you are looking for a restaurant to eat at in the Byron Center area, don’t lament that it is all fast food and limited sit down options. Give Railside Golf Club a try. They might just have what you are looking for.







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